Welding for the Non-Welder



4 Days
28 Hours
2.8 CEU

2021 Technical Schedule

2022 Technical Schedule

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This course gives the non-welder a solid background and overview of the welding field along with some hands-on experience with the major welding processes. Purchasing agents, plant managers, manufacturers of welding products, distributor sales people, supervisors, quality assurance people and others will gain an understanding of welding that will make you more proficient at your job that involves welding related activities.

Safety in welding and cutting. Weld metal properties. Welding fundamentals and communication of welding information. Discussion and lab;

  • Oxyfuel welding, cutting and brazing,
  • Shielded metal arc welding,
  • Gas metal arc welding,
  • Flux cored arc welding,
  • Gas tungsten arc welding, Discussion and demo;
  • Plasma arc cutting.