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2022 Technical Schedule

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This course is designed for welding supervisors, engineers, purchasing personnel, foremen, line leaders, designers and detailers, corporate welding instructors, lead welders, and personnel involved in bidding and quoting work.

The American Welding Society has designated that applicants for the examination must be high school graduates or hold a state or military approved high school equivalency diploma; verify three years of practical welding experience in a fabrication, construction, or welding-related industry (direct relationship with weldments fabricated to code, specification, or standard) and be directly involved in design, production, construction, inspection, or repair.

Three years of relevant documented teaching experience may be substituted for one year of practical experience.

  • Welding fundamentals and processes.
  • Safety Welding codes and standards.
  • Welding inspection and documentation.
  • Personnel management and supervision.
  • Qualification of personnel.
  • Quality management and quality control.
  • Procedure management and testing.
  • Equipment and consumables.
  • Materials and prefabrication.
  • Examination.