Preparation for AWS® CWI® Code Endorsement Examination


2 Days
16 Clock Hours

2019 Technical Schedule

2020 Technical Schedule

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This two-day course covers AWS® D1.1 or API 110
Anyone preparing to take an American Welding Society CWI®® Code Endorsement Examination or a code re-examination…or anyone wishing to obtain more knowledge about the codes… may take this course. Learn or refresh your memory on how to find and interpret code information and practice taking a written test. Hobart Institute provides instruction for AWS®® D1.1 and API 1104 codes only.

Participants must furnish their own codebook or purchase one at Hobart Institute bookstore. Anyone taking the American Welding Society CWI®® Endorsement Examination or CWI®® Code Re-examination must schedule their exam through the American Welding Society and may take the exam at Hobart Institute or at any AWS®®-CWI®® Examination site.