Sparking Up Some Fun

On Saturday November 16 and December 7th, HIWT hosted High School Workshops with students from Centerville and Northridge High Schools ranging from freshman to seniors. Students were given a lesson on proper safety & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) use followed by an overview of the Gas Metal Arc Welding process. HIWT Director of Skill Education, Charlie Carpenter and Welding Instructors, Ryan Stenger and Michael Mariana lead the workshop, providing instruction and demonstrations for all the students.  The students spent about 3 hours welding in their booths working one-on-one with HIWT Instructors.   After lunch students had the option to select a project to build (cow, horse, eagle, pig or airplane) to show the skills they had learned. All students had a great time and really showed of their new welding skills with their projects. 

HIWT would like to thank the Lincoln Foundation for donating the project kits.