Welding Technology & Blueprint Reading

Tuition $925.00
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7.0 CEU

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This course is important to the development of knowledge required by industry for employment of welders. Upon completion of the course, the student should have knowledge of all arc welding processes including industrial applications, arc characteristics, and advantages. The student should have the ability to read symbols and blueprints as they apply to welding.

Course objective: To develop a practical understanding of welding with regard to welding processes, and auxiliary welding equipment for the welder. Also, to develop a technical understanding of the information contained on engineering drawings and the use of the information to communicate set-up and welding instructions from the designer to the welder and fitter.

Course content: The first week of the course presents information on welding safety, welding terms and definitions, weld defects and discontinuities, welding processes, and symbols for welding according to AWSA2.4. The second week of the course presents information on mathematics including fractions, decimals, and metric conversions. It also presents orthographic views and engineering drawing lines, the bill of materials, set-up tools, relationships of surfaces, edges and centerlines as applied to a set-up procedure, and fabrication of a weldment from a print.

Testing: To pass this course, the student is required to take 11 written test and must demonstrate their ability to properly layout and assemble a weldment from a print.