Weldability of Metals, Ferrous & Nonferrous

Tuition $700.00
Book Fee $45.00

3.5 CEU

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Upon completion of the course, the student should have a better understanding of welding  different metals.

Course objective: This course will provide the non- metallurgist with basic knowledge of various metals and their weldability, including metal properties, heat input, preheating, postheating, and selecting filler metals.

Course content: This course is designed to provide training on metal properties, basic metallurgy, classification of ferrous metals, heat treatments, hard surfacing, and metals identification; along with weldability of stainless steels, tool steels, cast iron, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and titanium alloys.

Testing: To pass this course, the student is required to take two written tests.