Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Stainless & Titanium


1 Week
35 Hours
3.5 CEU

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Upon completion of the course, the student should have the ability to weld on thin stainless steel and titanium for use in aircraft, missiles, medical areas, and many other applications.

Prerequisites: The student must have successfully passed the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Gas Tungsten Arc Welding course. If the student has not completed the above course, skill must be demonstrated by successfully completing the following tests. Pass a visual test of a T-joint on .060-inch stainless steel in the flat position and pass a visual and guided bend test of a square groove weld on 11 gauge carbon steel plate in the flat position using the gas tungsten arc welding process, and a written test. Prerequisite testing charge is $50.00.

Course objective: To familiarize the student with the manipulative technique and the characteristics of stainless steel and titanium welding. To be able to produce quality welds on thin gauge materials. 

Course content: This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of gas tungsten arc welding on thin gauge stainless steel and titanium. The student will learn to develop the skill necessary to produce quality welds on .040-inch to .062-inch stainless steel and titanium in the flat and horizontal positions. In addition, information will be presented on the weld characteristics of titanium and stainless steel. 

Testing: To pass this course, the student is required to pass a written test. The student is also required to pass a visual lap joint and tee joint test on .045-inch titanium, a visual butt joint test on .062-inch titanium, flat position, and a radiograph (X-ray) butt joint test on .062-inch titanium, flat position.