Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Aerospace

Tuition $1,600.00
Book Fee $15.00

2 Week
70 Hours
7.0 CEU

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Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to deposit quality welds on thin gauge stainless steel using techniques utilized in the aerospace industry.

Prerequisites: The student must have successfully passed the HIWT Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Basic course and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Advanced. If these courses have not been completed, the following prerequisite tests are required:

Pass a visual test on a .062” stainless steel T-joint in the horizontal (2F) position and pass a visual and guided bend test on an 11-gauge carbon steel groove in the flat (1G) position using the gas tungsten are welding process and pass a written test. Prerequisite testing charge is $150.00.

Course objective: To be proficient in aerospace tube and sheet welding on thin gauge stainless steel fillet and groove welds in the flat, horizontal, vertical and 45° fixed positions using the gas tungsten arc welding process. This course also develops skills pertaining to AWS® D17.1 welder qualification and production welding.

Course Content: This course provides the student with a thorough technical understanding of gas tungsten arc welding pertaining to the aerospace industry. It provides training to develop the skills necessary to make quality argon purged gas tungsten arc welds on AMS 5510 stainless steel sheets down to .040” thick, AMS 5557 stainless steel tubing down to .035” thick, while using .20 and .030 filler wire material. The course will also utilize 1/16” torch components, gas lenses and back purging fixtures.

Testing: To pass this course, the student is required to take one written test. The student also must pass a stainless steel sheet to sheet fillet weld visual test in the 2F position and a 6G position tube to tube groove weld visual test.