Gas Metal Arc Welding Advanced

Tuition $1,000.00
Book Fee $15.00



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Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to perform structural welding related to buildings, bridges and production welding on light, medium and heavy assemblies.

Prerequisites: The student must have successfully passed the HIWT Gas Metal Arc Welding Basic course. If this course has not been completed, the following prerequisite tests are required:

Pass a 3/8” plate open root guided bend test in the horizontal, vertical down, and overhead positions, and a written test.  Prerequisite testing charge is $150.00.

Course objective: To produce quality multiple pass fillet welds and groove welds on carbon steel and aluminum using spray and pulsed spray transfer.  This course also develops skills for Welder, Arc (DOT 810.384-014).

Course content: This course provides training on spray and pulsed-spray transfers for both carbon steel and aluminum. Short-circuit transfer is not covered in this course; it is covered in the Gas Metal Arc Welding Basic course. Spray and pulsed-spray transfer provide high deposition rates and pulsed-spray transfer can be used in all positions.

Testing: To pass this course, the student is required to take one written test. The student also must pass visual inspection and a guided side bend test and/or radiographic testing in the 2G position using pulsed spray transfers on carbon steel and two visual inspections and etch tests on aluminum in the 3G and 4G positions, using spray and pulsed spray transfer.