Flux Cored Arc Welding


2 Weeks
70 Clock Hours
7.0 CEU

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Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to perform structural welding related to buildings and bridges and production work related to heavy equipment manufacturing.

Prerequisites: The student must have successfully passed the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Gas Metal Arc Welding Basic (GMA011) course.If this course has not been completed, the following prerequisite test is required: Pass a 3/8-inch plate open root guided bend test in the horizontal, vertical down, and overhead positions, and a written test. Prerequisite testing charge is $150.00.

Course objective: This course enables the student to produce quality fillet and groove welds on carbon steel using small diameter electrode wires, large diameter gas shielded and self-shielded electrode wires as well as metal cored wires. This course also develops skills for Welder, Arc (DOT 810.384-014).

Course content: This course is designed to provide training to develop welding skills on carbon steels using small and large diameter flux-cored electrodes (with and without shielding gas) in all positions on fillet and groove welds.

Testing: To pass this course, the student is required to take two written tests. The student also must pass the four following visual and guided bend tests: Horizontal, vertical, and overhead groove welds using small diameter wire and a flat groove weld using large diameter wire; without shielding gas.