Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Announces Promotion

 Bryce Obaugh, Skill Welding Instructor with HIWT has been promoted to First Shift Skill Education Supervisor. Bryce has been with HIWT since 2005 as a Skill Welding Instructor and has earned his Certified Welding Inspector Certification. He graduated from the HIWT Combination Structural and Pipe Welding Program in 2002. In his new role, he will lead the first shift instructor team and activities related to skill training, educate/train manipulative welding skills for a variety of processes, and classroom instruction of welding, and welding related subjects using the curricula developed by HIWT in structural and pipe welding. He will partner with Charlie Carpenter, Second Shift Skill Education Supervisor to mirror the activities and ensure continuity of education for both shifts.