Performance Qualifications

AWS®, ASME IX, and AWS® D17.1

(Bend Test) Each sample submitted


AWS®, ASME IX, and AWS® D17.1

Each Sample Submitted (Radiograph)
First radiograph
Each additional radiograph




AWS® D17.1, AWS®, and ASME IX

(etch and/or break test) Each sample submitted


ASME Section IX Brazing Qualification

Each sample submitted


Military and other specifications not listed

prices on request

AWS® QC-7 National Welder Certification


The prices listed above are for samples sent to HIWT for testing. Performance tests welded at HIWT cost an additional $25.00

Other services offered by the Institute Certification Lab: Charpy impacts, Chemistry testing, Etch testing, Liquid penetrant, Hardness testing, Heat treatment. Please contact the Institute for pricing.

Procedure qualification pricing is based on materials up to 1″ in thickness. For materials over 1″, contact the Institute for additional pricing.

NOTE: An additional facility usage fee of $150.00 per day will be charged for performing tests at HIWT.