FAQ's - Certified Welding Inspector

1) How much will the AWS CWI-CWE course cost?

  • Please see Preparation For AWS - CWI/CWE Examination 
  • Hobart Institute CWI tuition is $1500.00, payable to Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.
    The American Welding Society requires a separate examination fee.  Please check the latest CWI packet provided on our web site or check with AWS for their current fee.
    • Code book of your choice is available from the Hobart Institute:           
    • AWS D1.1or the API 1104
    • To order, call 1-800-332-9448, ext. 9509 or (937) 332-9509 or order online at or purchase it on the first day of class. You will also need to bring a scientific hand calculator without metric conversions. All other books are included with your tuition.

2) What form of payment is required?

  • Hobart Institute accepts personal or corporate checks, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and company purchase orders.

3) Are there any prerequisites for this course?

4) Where is this course held?

  • The course is offered in Troy, Ohio. However, we can conduct the course in your facility for a minimum number of students. Call for details concerning field training. 1-800-332-9448 or 937-332-9500.

5) How much welding experience is required before I may take the Examination?

  • You are required to have accumulated five years of welding experience prior to applying for the AWS-CWI/CWE Exam.

6) How far in advance must I register?

  • The American Welding Society requires six weeks to process an application. Hobart Institute requires two to four weeks prior to the start date of the class. Contact the Hobart Institute for further options. Call 1-800-332-9448 or (937) 332-9500.

7) How do I register for the Certified Welding Inspector course?

  • Contact the Hobart Institute and request a CWI Packet
  • Or download a packet CWI/CWE information Packet
    • Then follow the instructions from the enclosed cover letter.
    • Call 1-800-332-9448 or (937) 332-9500
    • You must be approved by the American Welding Society to take the examination at Hobart Institute.