Video Tour

Please Call 937-332-9500 ext 9601 to Set Up a Tour

Goal of the Tour

To create an experience where all the visitors will be able to evaluate the benefits of a continuing education in the art of welding. The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology staff will present information regarding the various aspects of the school and welding as a career.

The HIWT Experience!

We want to prepare the student who is seriously interested in a career in welding. The students will be able to learn about the various programs that are offered at the Institute. They will meet the people who teach the courses and be able to learn about the different kinds of financial aid available. Many of the HIWT students have taken advantage of financial aid to complete their education.

A Typical Tour Will Include the Following:

  • Review of the course catalog and programs
  • Discussion regarding the various forms of financial aid
  • Presentations by the key staff members
  • A physical tour of the facility; showing…
    • 212 welding booths
    • All new materials that are ready to weld
    • Question and answer sessions
    • Ability to incorporate “specific” requests of visitors